Found unique fish that can come out of the water

In the US state of Georgia in a private pond wasa species of fish was found that can survive up to four days on land, while being without the usual source of water for their species. This is a dangerous predatory fish - the northern snakehead, which has an insatiable hunger and, thus, can upset the ecological balance in ponds, streams and rivers. In addition, the fish has good survival and fertility, thereby increasing the complexity of the extermination of this species of fish from water bodies of North America.

The northern snakehead is called “Frankenfish” because it has high survival and aggressiveness.

Frankenstein Fish

The major homeland of the snakehead are largerivers of the Far East, but thanks to humans, these fish found themselves in the countries of Central Asia, Africa, and the USA. Having a rather large body, they are incredible gluttony and are able to eat other fish, marine animals, some mammals and even birds. Due to the developed jaw with many sharp teeth, the snakehead successfully competes with its natural rivals, subsequently becoming a full-fledged host of the reservoir.

In addition to gills, snakehead fish havesub-gill air bag for atmospheric air. From the peculiar lungs, oxygen enters the bloodstream, ensuring the vital activity of the body. The air supply in suprajug sacs lasts from 3 to 5 days.

No other predators are observed in the habitat of snakeheads due to the incredible aggressiveness of these creatures

If the snakehead is found to be in adverseconditions, for example, a drying up pond, then it is able to bury itself in silt sediments to a depth of 1 meter, creating a chamber lubricated with special mucus, where it can calmly wait for a reservoir to replenish up to several months. If the food runs out in the pond, then the snakehead is able to cover distances of tens of kilometers in order to find a new place of residence in the form of a river, stream, pond or lake.

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Department of Natural Resources Concernedthe appearance of this fish in a private pond in Georgia, because it threatens not only the extinction of certain species of fish from the reservoir, but also the spread of a dangerous predator, destroying everything in its path. At the moment, scientists are trying to find out whether this type of fish extends beyond the reservoir. The number of snakeheads is regulated by federal law and is classified as a harmful wild animal. Such a classification means that the illegal import of this type of fish into the USA is prohibited without a special license.

If you see a snakehead under water, then it is quite difficult to distinguish from a snake. In addition to the “snake” head, some species have a pronounced snake color

However, in Russia in the Amur and Ussurisnakehead is a valuable commercial species and coexists quietly with both predatory and peaceful species of fish. Fish belonging to the family of snakeheads do not pose a threat to humans, but there have been cases when they could attack people, protecting their offspring.

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