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Found the remains of the oldest dog in the world

In one of our previous articles, we mentionedthat in Russia it’s almost impossible to find dinosaur fossils. But on the territory of Siberia, paleontologists quite often find the bodies of ancient mammoths and wolves, which, thanks to many years of cold weather, are very well preserved. So, in 2018, Russian and Swiss scientists excavated near the city of Yakutsk and found the body of an ancient predator similar to a wolf. For a long time they could not determine the type of animal found, and, as it turned out, this was a rather significant reason.

In Siberia, found the head of an 18,000-year-old puppy

About the problems that scientists encountered whenstudying the remains of an ancient animal, the publication said Unilad. It turned out that the found predator died 18,000 years ago, long before dogs became pets of people. As far as we know, it was at this time in the organisms of the ancient wolves that genetic changes began to occur, which caused the appearance of dogs. Scientists could not determine who the ancient animal is, a wolf or a dog, even after comparing its genetic data with the DNA of representatives of all canine breeds of the world.

By the way, some breeds of dogs are on the verge of extinction

The first dog ever

Nevertheless, scientists are inclined to believe that theymanaged to unearth the body of the oldest dog in the world. According to preliminary data, the puppy, who died at the age of two months, was given the nickname Dogor. The cause of the death of the ancient dog has not yet been identified, but she died while inside a tunnel dug in permafrost. Most likely, it was precisely the low temperature that did not increase significantly for thousands of years that kept the remains of the animal in perfect condition.

The ancient dog has excellent teeth

According to paleontologist Love Dalen, puppylooks like he died just recently. After carefully cleaning the dog from dirt and ice, the scientists found that he had perfectly preserved coat, milk teeth and even eyelashes. In conditions with a higher temperature, the dog's body could decompose and lose its shape in just a hundred or even several decades. So, the find of Swiss and Russian scientists can be considered a huge success.

Dog head before and after cleaning

In just imagine - this puppy was lying underland in the same position and condition for 18,000 years. I carefully removed the dirt adhering to his body and step by step I discovered a wonderful condition of the fur, which is extremely rare in animals of that period of time, ”shared the Russian paleontologist Sergei Fedorov.

Researchers believe that thanks tobody of an ancient animal, they will be able to learn more about the emergence of dogs. At the moment, most of the remains are located in Russia, but the costal bone was sent for research to Switzerland. It is noteworthy that, unlike hair and teeth, the bones of the ribs and spine are not very well preserved. Therefore, Swiss researchers have to work with them extremely carefully.

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In general, the body of an ancient dog is far from the mostAn interesting find made in Siberia. In mid-2019, a team of scientists from Russia, Japan and Sweden found in Siberia the perfectly preserved head of a huge wolf that lived about 40,000 years ago. You can read more about this and other animals found in permafrost in our special material.