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Found the reason for the "deterioration" of the GPS in Russia

Users of the popular Habr resource found out thatwhy in Russia smartphones have become worse at determining location. Complaints about this have been appearing on various forums since May 2022. And all cases have something in common - Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

The author explained that the device determines itsposition by receiving and decoding signals from at least four satellites for which the exact position is known. Devices with Internet access can quickly receive the necessary data through the global network - this is called A-GPS.

The author said that in the summer his phone becamedetermine the location with a very long delay. The analysis showed that A-GPS does not work. It turned out that the device could not receive the necessary data from the Russian Federation via satellite. If you use a VPN, then A-GPS works again. The author suggests that this problem affects most smartphones based on Qualcomm chips.