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Found the oldest cave painting depicting a hunt

From time to time, archaeologists findInteresting and beautiful drawings made thousands of years ago. For example, in October 2019, we talked about a picture of bloodied gladiators found in Pompeii. However, most recently, Australian scientists have found an even more interesting picture, which, although not distinguished by special beauty and detail, is considered one of the oldest in the world. According to researchers, it was painted about 43,900 years ago and shows the process of hunting people for animals. However, some details seem extremely unrealistic to the scientist - perhaps the ancient artist was still a dreamer.

The oldest cave painting in the world

By far the oldest painting in the worldThe image of a bull found in the water from the caves of the Indonesian island of Borneo was considered. A study by scientists showed that the ancient painting was painted in red about 40,000 years ago. Not far from this image, researchers also found traces of encircled hands that were left by Neanderthals who lived in the same Indonesian cave.

Image of a red bull on the island of Borneo

The oldest picture in the world

Rock art found by Australianarchaeologists led by Maxim Obert, was also painted in Indonesia, but a cave of a completely different island called Sulawesi. In this area, scientists found a total of 242 caves, but the so-called Leang Bulu Sipong 4 was discovered only in 2017. According to the scientific journal Nature, it was on its back wall that the researchers found a 4.5-meter drawing depicting hunters and animals.

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Having carefully studied the cave painting, archaeologistsCounted on it 14 figures. Six of them are animals, among which researchers recognized two Indonesian warty pigs (Sus celebensis) and four dwarf buffalo (Bubalus). The remaining eight figures are humanoid creatures that have some animal features. It could be assumed that the ancient artist portrayed hunters in masks to intimidate animals, however, the presence of beaks and tails hints that these humanoid creatures had the appearance of small animals. And ancient people would hardly begin to use masks of defenseless animals in hunting.

Figure D depicts a huge buffalo facing hunters.

In addition, hybrids of humans and animals are depicted.small, while pigs and buffalos are an order of magnitude larger. From this, the researchers concluded that the picture does not reflect a real hunt, but some kind of fantastic plot. Most likely, the humanoid creatures in the image are the so-called therianthropes, which are mythical creatures that can take the form of various animals.

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Ultimately, archaeologists concluded thatthe artist depicted a fantastic picture of the hunting of therianthropes hunting animals according to a special strategy. Judging by the image, the animals run straight at the hunters, while some of them drive them out of the shelter, and another group tries to catch them alive on the other side with the help of ropes.

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Thus, the figure found in Indonesiacan be called the most ancient fantastic picture. However, on the territory of the islands there are still a huge number of other caves, inside which archaeologists can find even more interesting cave paintings.