Found the easiest way to block ads on YouTube

Avoid watching annoying commercialson the popular YouTube service, you can use the elementary technique proposed a few days ago by the user Reddit in the / r / webdev section. The high popularity of the proposed method, expressed in 5.2 thousand approving “likes” and over 500 comments, can lead to a quick reaction of YouTube and the elimination of such an opportunity.

However, at the moment, using the simple “.” You can easily remove commercials.

Officially exercise the right to watch videos onYouTube without advertisements is available on a paid subscription, which averages between $ 4 and $ 6 per month. However, when using the technique suggested by Reddit users, you can block ads for free by adding only one character to the link address. In particular, you must use the period character (“.”), Placed after “.com” in the URL.

So, for example, in any link in the format, where XXX is the identifier of a specific video, you should change the address to XXX and in the latter case, viewing without ads will be opened.

This technique is available both for desktop systems and for mobile devices, in which for this you should switch to the YouTube version for a personal computer.

Reddit enthusiasts also indicate that this method is universal and suitable for any paid resources using the Paywall system, which provides access to content only after paying for the subscription.

Source: reddit