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Found the cause of the disease vape smokers, from which several dozen people died

A few months ago we told you aboutan epidemic of an unknown disease among smokers of electronic cigarettes recorded in the United States of America, as well as the fact that injuries to the lungs of victims resemble chemical burns. To date, the number of patients has exceeded two thousand people, and the number of deaths is at least 40. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the researchers managed to establish the cause of the mysterious disease. A compound called vitamin E acetate was found in patient fluid samples of the lungs. But there are still many questions.

Smoking both electronic and regular cigarettes will not make you healthy and happy.

What is known about a mysterious disease?

The first isolated cases of a mysterious diseasepatients were recorded in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA). Patients complained of shortness of breath, chest pain and nausea, and doctors found fluid in the lungs of the victims. The condition of some patients was so severe that they ended up in intensive care. Wisconsin currently has about 87 confirmed cases. According to the international news agency Associated Press, on a national scale, things are even worse: more than 2,000 people fell ill and 40 died. The response to the growing epidemic was immediate, as health agencies did everything possible so people could avoid all types of electronic cigarettes. At the same time, events developed rapidly and no one knew what to expect. The situation frightened everyone, especially after it became clear that lung injuries in patients resemble injuries from chemical burns.

In the photo is a teenager who fell into a coma as a result of a mysterious illness. Source: The Sun

Further research revealed a link betweensmoking liquids with THC through electronic cigarettes and a mysterious disease. Recall that THC is a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Scientists have found that black market cartridges for electronic cigarettes were probably filled with THC oils, which are often mixed with chemicals such as vitamin E acetate. Even before, it was known that heavy metals were present in vaping fluids. But the matter is not only in illegal cartridges. Many patients reported that they smoked liquids for electronic cigarettes, which contained only nicotine.

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The mystery of the disease is still not disclosed

Compound called vitamin e acetate wasfound in all 29 samples of lung fluid obtained from patients. The CDC told The Washington Post that the researchers were looking for a wide range of other toxins and dangerous compounds, but found nothing in these specific samples. Note that for the first time, vitamin E acetate was identified as a possible cause of the disease back in September. Despite the fact that the composition of the THC liquid on the black market is considered safe for consumption, scientists have a poor understanding of the harmful effects of vaporized vitamin E acetate when inhaled. However, this compound does not provide a definitive explanation for the mysterious disease. However, even if other factors act on the condition of smokers, knowing what health problems may be caused by inhalation of a vitamin E acetate compound can help prevent the further spread of a fatal disease outbreak.

This is how damaged lung tissue of patients looks like.

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Note that according to the World OrganizationHealth (WHO), diseases caused by smoking annually kill more than seven million people. As the Director-General of WHO has recently stated, smoking contributes to poverty and reduced economic productivity. And if doctors and scientists are thoroughly aware of the health risks of smoking regular cigarettes, smoking electronic cigarettes, especially at a young age, is fraught with serious consequences, which we do not yet know about.