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Found dinosaur living DNA. Is it possible?

Idea to clone a dinosaur from extantDNA particles are far from new: one of the most famous examples of this is the famous Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg. The main obstacle to the implementation of the cult film in real life for a long time was the lack of living cells of ancient predators, whose mass death occurred 65 million years ago. However, imagine the surprise of scientists when the skull of a young duck-billed dinosaur found in the US state of Montana showed the presence in it of a cluster of perfectly preserved cells with traces of still living DNA. Can it really be the real Jurassic Park?

Will we soon be able to personally visit the real “Jurassic Park”?

Is it possible to resurrect a dinosaur?

It is unlikely that a dead dinosaur of the species is 75 million years oldHypacrosaurus stebingeri could have imagined that one day he would be the subject of study by human scientists. When a group of researchers came across the skulls of two young duck-billed dinosaurs in the 1980s, their experienced gaze could not help but notice the surviving cartilage in the head of one of the once formidable lizards. Tiny round structures connected to each other in the back of the skull contained dark material, which, in a laboratory analysis, showed the presence of cell nuclei and chromosomes in it, reports.

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Despite the hype in the scientific world,Mary Schweitzer, a vertebrate paleontologist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was studying the discovered remains of a duckbill dinosaur, urges not to rush to conclusions. The fact is that the probability of detecting the viable DNA of a living organism that died many millions of years ago is hardly zero, however, if the genetic material of the duckbill dinosaur really somehow managed to survive, this would mean that our knowledge of genetics will require revision. Be that as it may, scientists are not hoping to resurrect the ancient reptiles even if the viability of DNA is confirmed. One of the many reasons the dinosaur resurrection scenario in Jurassic Park is unbelievable is because deoxyribonucleic acid is simply not able to hold out for so long - even if it falls into a dense amber trap.

Even amber is not able to protect DNA from death for a long time.

Due to the fact that the half-life of organicthe information is rather small, even under the most favorable conditions, the found particles of the duckbill dinosaur should have died after about 5 million years after the natural death of its owner. Given that the sad event that claimed the life of a young male Hypacrosaurus stebingeri happened 75 million years ago, it becomes clear that the last DNA particles of the dinosaur discovered died long before the origin of mankind.

The image of a duckbill dinosaur makes it possible to understand why exactly the ancient lizard got its modern name

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Although the possibility of detectionthe intact dinosaur DNA tends to absolute zero, some researchers studying the fragments of the skull from Montana, claim that they managed to detect traces of life in several circular structures of the cartilage of the ancient duckbill lizard. Information that can be stored in the observed cells will be very limited in any case, unlikely to allow the entire Hypacrosaurus stebingeri genome to be sequenced. Be that as it may, even obtaining a small amount of new knowledge about the extinct herbivorous dinosaur can help take a fresh look at the lifestyle of the creatures that inhabited our planet many millions of years before the appearance of a person on it.

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