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Found an easy way to read deleted WhatsApp messages

In the WhatsApp messenger there is an opportunitydeleting previously sent messages. This feature allows you to erase ill-conceived messages or messages sent in the heat of the moment. However, messages deleted from the messenger can be restored, for which there are various additional applications. The Sun journalist suggested a simple method for recovering deleted messages without using third-party programs in devices running both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp messages can be deleted inindividual and group chats. During the uninstallation process, a corresponding warning appears. Meanwhile, even the deleted message continues to be stored using a WhatsApp backup that occurs early in the morning every day (the backup frequency can be adjusted by the user).

To recover deleted messages, you canuse special applications such as Notification History Log or Notification Log. However, for their operation, it is necessary to save the history of a specific notification, which is not always convenient and possible.

A journalist from The Sun suggests a simplermethod using WhatsApp backup function. The user simply needs to uninstall the installed WhatsApp application on his smartphone and then reinstall it. During installation, the application will ask for the ability to restore a backup copy of chats, including those deleted earlier.