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Found an animal that can fully regenerate its organs

Israeli scientists have discovered a creature thatis able to restore any part of its body. Even if you cut it into three parts, the missing organs will still grow and begin to perform their functions. What intrigues scientists most is that there are many similarities between these animals and humans. Therefore, there is some possibility that thanks to these creatures, researchers will be able to develop a technology for the restoration of organs in any person. Using it, it will be possible to re-grow lost hair, internal organs and even whole limbs. And no more robotic prostheses - everything will be completely "natural"! As you already understood, this is a very important discovery for science. Therefore, let's find out what kind of animal it is and how scientists have found out that it is capable of regeneration.

One of the authors of the study is studying the habitat of the creatures, which will now be discussed.

Complete regeneration in animals

The animal of the species Polycarpa mytiligera belongs toclass of ascidians. These organisms are quite simple in structure, which are a bag with two holes. Seawater enters one of them, is filtered and discharged from the other hole. In the process of filtration, ascidians absorb the nutrients they need to live. Ascidians usually live on coral reefs, but they are rather difficult to recognize - they camouflage themselves well for the environment and look like ordinary stones. But most of all these creatures are interesting because they are very similar to people. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Ascidian species Polycarpa mytiligera

According to the author of the scientific work Noah Shenkar (NoaShenkar), ascidians are chordates, just like humans. At the larval stage, these creatures have an axial skeleton, referred to as the notochord. People have the same skeleton - a spine subsequently grows out of it. Like us, ascidian larvae have eyes and organs of balance, although they use their tail to move. With the help of all these organs, tiny creatures travel along the seabed in search of the best place to live. Having found a suitable place, the larva discards all the organs mentioned above and turns into a primitive but adult individual.

Ascidians are different. In the photo - purple ascidian

During scientific experiments on ascidians, scientistsnoticed how they, when injured, restored their digestive system and other organs. In nature, this is not such a surprising phenomenon - lizards, for example, can re-grow lost tails. And in March 2021, I talked about slugs that can regenerate 80% of their body. Based on this, scientists became interested in how many organs the ascidians can restore. They conducted a number of not entirely humane experiments, but the unusual creatures survived and demonstrated their amazing abilities.

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Will a person be able to restore organs?

At the first stage of the experiment, scientists cutbodies of animals into two parts. As expected, the ascidians recovered the missing half without any problems. At the second stage of scientific work, the researchers divided the animals into three parts, but they no longer had special expectations. The first fragment was left without a nerve ganglion, the second lost its heart, and the third - without part of the digestive system. To the surprise of the authors of the scientific work, all three parts of the cut ascidian survived, restoring all the missing organs. In fact, with their brutal intervention, scientists have made as many as three from one organism, creating a kind of clones.

In some countries, ascidians are even eaten

According to the Israeli zoologist Tal Gordon (TalGordon), this is the first organism known to science, which is capable of regenerating any of its organs. Since ascidians and humans have a lot in common, researchers believe that in the future they will be able to uncover the secret of regeneration and create a technology for the restoration of human organs. If this really happens, such a breakthrough will become one of the most important in the history of medicine.

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It is worth noting that a person already knows how torestore some parts of your body. For example, right now your body is renewing the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. We also regularly renew the hair on the head, nails and even bones. Even if a person loses 85% of their liver, its fragments will increase until the organ returns to its original volume. You can read more about the regeneration of the human body in this article. We are more amazing than we seem!