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Found a way without drugs to cleanse the blood of cancer cells

Unfortunately, a dangerous disease like cancer,in the advanced stage, it is not limited to only one organ, and cancer cells are spread throughout the human body. Perhaps this is due to the network of blood and lymph vessels, which, like a net, cover every millimeter of the body. And the desire of scientists to develop a method for purifying the blood from this infection looks quite logical. This is exactly what the research team from the UK wants to do.

Scientists do not lose hope to find a way to fight cancer

How to cleanse blood cells from cancer cells

Strictly speaking, a similar method already exists andIt is called "dialysis." Dialysis is a way to cleanse the blood of various toxic products. As a rule, it is used in case of kidney diseases and other conditions accompanied by powerful intokiscation. But dialysis methods are not able to catch cancer. Therefore, this method is not suitable. However, it can be slightly modified. The new technology is called MediSieve and, as reported by Telergaph, Dr. George Frodsham is responsible for its development.

His idea is pretty simple: Sir Frodsh came up with this idea at the moment when he was studying how magnetic nanoparticles designed to bind to cells in the body interacted with each other and with external factors. At the moment, there are a lot of technologies for the targeted (that is, right to the “big place”) drug delivery using nanoparticles. As a rule, they are magnetized, and special magnetic fields deliver them to the place of action. This is what prompted the scientist to think.

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If it is possible to magnetize nanoparticles and forceto penetrate into certain cells, why not use the same nanoparticles to “pierce” tumor cells with them and then “magnetize” from the bloodstream during operations similar to the already mentioned dialysis? In theory, this will save the patient from terrible cells without the use of toxic drugs. At the same time, everything is quite simply realizable - the patient takes blood, it is cleaned in a magnetic field, after which the blood overflows. The whole procedure takes from 2 to 4 hours, and after several such sessions, the concentration of cancer cells in the blood should significantly decrease. In addition, the immune system will be easier to cope with the consequences of the tumor process, if the cells themselves become smaller. We often write about such developments on the pages of our portal. So sign up in order not to miss anything important.

Moreover, scientists also note that the newdevelopment can be promising for the fight against other conditions during which blood is infected by various agents. For example, for the treatment of malaria or sepsis. In the first case, it will be possible to "catch" blood cells infected with malarial plasmodium, and in the second disease, bacteria can be removed from the body before they damage other organs and tissues. If the preliminary tests are successful, then MediSieve technology will enter the phase of testing against malaria already in 2020, and for the treatment of cancer sepsis another year later, in 2021.