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Found a way to use the immune system to regenerate tissues

The human body does not cease to amaze. Although, it would seem, at our level of technology development, we should have known absolutely everything about him a long time ago. However, according to the portal, a group of researchers from the University of Bristol (Great Britain) discovered a way to manipulate the body’s own immune response to stimulate the tissue repair process.

The immune system will help in the regeneration process.

The results of the published workreveal data on a new network of factors to protect cells from damage. This finding can greatly help patients who have undergone surgery or trauma, speeding up recovery time and reducing the risk of complications.

How immunity helps in tissue regeneration

When tissue is damaged due to injury (orduring a surgical operation), the body quickly “recruits” immune cells to the site of damage, where they destroy the infectious agents, which in any case appear in this place. In addition to the absorption of foreign infectious agents, immune cells also produce a number of powerful molecules to fight infection. For example, a number of substances contain forms of oxygen known as “active oxygen” - something like peroxide.

However, these bactericidal products are also verytoxic to host tissue and may interfere with tissue repair. To counteract these harmful effects, regenerating tissue activates powerful defense mechanisms. Researchers from the University of Bristol, have identified how to stimulate this process in normal intact tissues.

In healthy people, damaged tissue is usually fast.recover after damage. A stress response is activated in the healing wound of the skin, which uses immune cells to eliminate invading pathogens. Says Dr. Helen Weavers, lead author of the work. In this study, we closely watched how a wound was restored and monitored the behavior of immune cells. At the same time, we found a network of protective pathways that protect tissues from inflammatory damage and make them more “resistant”. We have also demonstrated that the separate activation of these pathways further enhances tissue protection, while their containment leads to a much worse regeneration process.

The results obtained are of great importance forpatients, since therapeutic activation of these pathways may allow the development of approaches for early activation of the patient’s immune system before surgery. Which will improve not only the course of the operational process, but also reduce the percentage of complications. If you are interested in this topic - be sure to subscribe to our channel in Telegram.

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Scientists are currently exploring the possibility ofactivation and other “sustainability” paths that help protect our body’s tissues from injuries both in places of injury and in damage to other organs not related to injuries. For example, tissue damage by toxins and waste products of pathogenic microorganisms. Scientists realized that all defense mechanisms are activated in the same ways as in the inflammatory reaction described above. Therefore, researchers believe that the immune system can be even more accurately "reconfigured" to the processes of restoration and regeneration of tissues and organs.