Found a way to take control of an armed robotic dog

Autonomous robotic dogs with assault rifles were remotely disabled by intercepting their signal with the help of "tamagotchi for hackers".

GitHub user MAVProxyUse exploreddocumentation of the HangZhou YuShu Technology Go1 series robot dog and found a backdoor that allows you to remotely control the device. It turned out that each iron dog has a remote switch: if he receives a certain signal at a frequency of 433 MHz, then the robot “falls asleep”.

MAVProxyUse used the Flipper Zero multi-tool, which is called the "tamagotchi for hackers", to intercept and copy the signal. Thus, Flipper Zero turned into a robotic dog remote control.

Earlier, the US Army began using robops armed with assault rifles. They can conduct aimed fire at 1200 meters.