Found a way to process oil without harming the atmosphere

Recently, more and more spreadreceives solar energy. But however much we would like it, the main raw materials for obtaining fuel used in the automotive industry, for refueling airplanes, rockets and other types of vehicles, as well as for heating homes, generating electricity and so on are hydrocarbons extracted from the bowels of the earth. Simply put, oil. And its processing is not to say that it is beneficial for the environment. A huge amount of greenhouse gases and other substances every day more and more poison our planet. However, scientists have found a way to get fuel from oil. In this case, completely without harm to the atmosphere.

How to get fuel from oil

There are several types of fuel production fromoil. The first is the distillation known to many, as a result of which several fractions are formed, each of which subsequently goes on to create a particular type of fuel. The other is much more interesting: a huge amount of hydrogen is “hidden” in oil, which, as you know, is the raw material for environmentally friendly fuel. After all, the combustion of hydrogen does not emit harmful gases. There is only one problem: with currently known methods for extracting hydrogen from oil, harmful gases are generated in excess, which nullifies all subsequent use of clean energy.

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However, a group of Canadian researchers saythat came up with a method for producing hydrogen directly from oil fields without harming the Earth’s atmosphere. This was announced by scientists at the recent Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in Barcelona, ​​dedicated to environmental and energy issues. As a rule, we cover all the news from such events on our website and on the page in Yandex.Zen. Subscribe to stay informed.

Cheap hydrogen from oil fields (withoutharmful emissions into the atmosphere) can become a source of energy for the whole world. And for this, you don’t have to redo the existing infrastructure, ”said Grant Stem, CEO of Proton Technologies, which developed a new method.

The following is also interesting: according to the same Grant Stem, the cost of hydrogen produced using this technology will be about 50 cents per kilogram of liquefied gas compared with the current production costs of $ 2 for the same kilogram of hydrogen.

The method itself consists in “adding” pureoxygen into oil deposits right underground. Scientists have discovered that injecting oxygen into oil clusters raises their temperature, releasing hydrogen, which can be easily filtered off from other gases. At the same time, drilling towers for oil production is not required. The technology should also work in abandoned oil fields or where drilling is economically unprofitable.

It is possible that such towers will soon become history, giving way to a gas filtration system to produce hydrogen fuel

There is only one problem: the technology has so far been tested only in laboratory conditions. And in small areas outside of test sites. Therefore, the scientific community accepted it with cautious optimism, calling the method very promising and saying that you need to wait in order to understand how the technology will manifest itself on an industrial scale.