Found a way to improve brain function

Numerous talk about improving performancebrain stimulation does not die down for a long time. But it seems that a group of scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Helsinki managed to do this. About this writes the journal Cerebral Cortex.

In a series of experiments, scientists were able to influenceon metacognitive processes by excitation of neurons. It turned out to be carried out by the influence of magnetic pulses. This impact allowed people to more effectively cope with a number of tasks for memorization.

It is worth explaining that metacognitive processescalled the ability of people to track and control various types of memory, attention, emotions, and decision making. In some cases, the so-called Dunning - Kruger effect occurs when people with low cognitive abilities tend to overestimate their capabilities. They may fall prey to the illusion of thinking that they will do well with certain tasks, although in reality this is not so.

But a simple reassessment of opportunities is notlimited to. Metacognitive abilities are impaired in a number of diseases, for example, during neurodegenerative processes, which, among other things, adversely affect tactile memory. So, in patients with Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and brain injuries, their well-being is distorted and the perception of pain, touching cold or hot objects changes.

But back to the experiment: It was attended by 14 volunteers without deviations in the work of the brain. They were scanned using MRI, which allowed us to determine the distribution of neural pathways and their relationship with the prefrontal and primary somatosensory cortex, where tactile signals received from the sensory organs are processed. It was possible to establish that magnetic stimulation of this area allows a person to better assess their effectiveness in performing tasks on tactile memory and even improve memory processes. Thus, it is possible not only to improve the brain function of healthy people, but also to develop therapeutic methods for patients with impaired cognitive functions.