Found a way to get rid of the terrible noise of vacuum toilets in airplanes

Flights on airplanes can hardly be calledpleasant pastime - not only that many passengers may be afraid of great height, so some of them may also be afraid of the terrible noise of a vacuum toilet. The fact is that modern airplanes have become very quiet, and bathrooms have not been modified for more than 60 years. They decided to improve them with engineers from Brigham Young University - they suggested only a couple of small changes to the design of vacuum toilets, and they really noticeably reduced their noise.

However disgusting it may sound, but on airplanesall waste is collected in one tank. They are sucked in by a powerful and loud pump, and additional noise arises due to the movements of various valves. According to the calculations of researchers, the substances pass through the pipes with a crazy speed of 500 kilometers per hour - the resulting noise cannot drown out even thick walls.

Researchers have noticeably reduced noise by changing justjust two details. Previously, the toilet outlet was located strictly at an angle of 90 degrees, and part of the unpleasant noise was associated with this sharp turn. Engineers easily solved this problem by simply increasing the bend angle of the pipe. The second problem was the roar of the opening flush valve - it was solved by a banal increase in the distance between it and the toilet.

The result is just a couple of changes, the levelvacuum toilet noise was reduced by as much as 16 decibels. It is still unknown when exactly the new system will be used in aircraft. It is possible that airlines are not particularly interested in increasing passenger comfort, but the work of engineers may give impetus to the development of ground systems that use the minimum amount of water for flushing.

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