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Found a species of animals that were considered extinct for 30 years

Unfortunately, they disappear from the face of the Earthspecies of animals that inhabit our planet. But sometimes nature presents us with surprises. And the species, which were considered extinct after some time, are fixed by scientists again. So it happened this time. Moreover, interestingly, a rare species discovered was considered to have disappeared forever for 30 years.

Sometimes extinct species reappear

Can extinct animal species reappear

As it turned out, nothing is impossible. Not so long ago, a team of researchers discovered several representatives of the species silver chevrotain (Tragulus vericolor). This animal is a bit like a deer, but it is the size of a large domestic cat. This species lives only in Vietnam and was first described at the beginning of the 20th century, and the last mention of it is found in 1990. Since then, no one has seen the animal. Until recently.

There was no reason to think that this speciesextinct, but at the same time we did not have evidence that the species still exists, said Andrew Tilker, an employee of the Department of Asian Species and Wildlife Protection and a doctor at the Leibniz Zoo and Wildlife Research Institute in Berlin. Not a single scientist or naturalist had the slightest idea whether Chevrotain still exists. And some evidence indicated that the species had disappeared forever.

As part of a project to search for lost speciesGlobal Wildlife Conservation Animal Researchers have begun searching for lost chevroteins. Scientists traveled to Vietnam, talked with villagers and foresters who said they saw animals like chevrotheins roaming the tropical forests of Annama, a region in Vietnam and Laos that is known for its high concentration of endemic species. Species considered to be endemic are those that live strictly in a certain territory and practically do not occur outside it.

The team had a suspicion that the localscould confuse something. Therefore, small surveillance cameras were placed throughout the region. And in order not to frighten wild animals and minimize human presence in wild places, the cameras were equipped with powerful batteries. And the devices themselves took photos only when they recorded the movement.

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Five months later, the researchers studiedreceived images. It turns out that the locals were right: scientists discovered 275 photographs of a silver chevrotein. Then they installed more cameras for another five months and eventually received another 1881 photographs of the species. Researchers are not sure exactly how many individuals were captured in the photo. Therefore, it is still not clear whether this population is endangered. Want to know more about our planet? Subscribe to us on Yandex.Zen.

We do not know whether something from outside threatens this species, because we do not have enough information, but nevertheless, as it seems to us, there is still a threat, since these animals are not so widespread.

Two individuals of the species that were considered irrevocably missing

Now the team using additionalResearch hopes to find out whether the population of the species is stable or threatened, and whether representatives of the found species live in other areas of Vietnam. After that, experts want to start developing strategies for the conservation of this and other rare animal species.