Found a Chinese scientist who experimented with the genes of newborns

A scientist from China, He Jiankui, who disappeared afterA recent announcement about successful surgery to modify the genes of children — these were the first born genetically modified twins — made contact. At the moment, he is guarded in a closed room grid in a guest house on the territory of the Southern Science and Technology University in Shenzhen, of which he was an employee. The New York Times showed a video in which the scientist is alive, well and sending greetings.

At the moment, He Jiankui is undercustody: the balcony is closed with bars, and at the entrance to the apartment are people in civilian clothes. It is not known what agency they serve, and other comments were also not obtained. However, the scientist is allowed to communicate via email and telephone. They say that he is in perfect order.

Gene Modification in China

In late November, it became known that the Chinesethe scientist edited the genes of newborn twin girls. The work raised a lot of hype in the society of biologists, not least because of the dubious ethical background. However, there is no independent confirmation of the successful outcome of the operation.

Colleagues in the workshop criticized the experiment He as unethical, and China, as it turned out, took the scientist under protection and initiated an investigation into the experiment conducted.

Not long ago, the Chinese authorities also expandedaction of the social ranking system and on wayward scholars. Perhaps because of the irresponsible actions of Jiankyi. The essence of the program is to mark people who violate laws, rules or social norms, and then restrict their access to certain services and programs, such as obtaining loans.

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