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Found a better way to save water while taking a shower

It is extremely important for each person to observe personalhygiene, because being constantly dirty can catch a dangerous infectious disease. It is commendable if you have developed the habit of daily showering, but many people stay there for hours. You see, under the warm trickles of water you still want to dream about your own or sing a couple of your favorite songs? But at that time a huge amount of water is consumed, for which at the end of the month you will definitely have to pay several thousand rubles. In addition, scientists are sure that prolonged exposure to the soul indirectly harms the environment, because it consumes water. However, researchers recently found out how to reduce the amount of time spent in the shower and thereby save on water.

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If you believe the results of a small study,published in the science publication ScienceAlert, a person spends less time in the shower if the watch is in the bathroom. Looking at them, a person can soberly evaluate the time spent in the soul and leave it much faster than usual. At the same time, satisfaction with the time spent remains at the same level. At least this is evidenced by the data collected by special sensors installed in several educational institutions and hotels in the UK.

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How to save water?

The above sensors are produced by the companyAguardio and are mounted in showers. When a person turns on the water, a timer is displayed on the device’s screen, which shows the exact time spent in the shower. According to the creators, being aware of how many minutes they spend in the shower, people spend less time in it. And this is true, because statistics say that people spend 20-30% less time in cabins equipped with Aguardio sensors than in ordinary ones. On average, people left the shower two minutes earlier.

Aguardio Sensor

The same effect can be achieved without a purchase.special sensors. Simply put the clock in the bathroom or turn on the stopwatch on your smartphone, subsequently setting it in a conspicuous place. According to ecologist Caitriona Shannon, in such a simple way you can change your habit of disappearing in the shower for a long time and save money. In addition, this way you can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

To spend less in the shower, you can put a watch in the bathroom

Scientists compare the harm from a habit for a long timetake a shower with the way people use plastic bags and fly on airplanes. It is known that plastic waste decomposes in the soil for a long time and literally poisons our planet. And airplanes release harmful substances into the air, due to which there is a greenhouse effect, leading to a gradual increase in the Earth's air temperature. Of course, the harm from this is not as severe as from the garbage and greenhouse gases, but sewage also greatly harm nature.

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Dirty water falling into nature can greatlyharm fish and other aquatic creatures. For example, antibiotics can get into the wild with water, which affect the behavior of many fish. But scientists already have thoughts about how to clean water from harmful substances. You can read more about this in our special material.