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Former employee Elon Musk will release his electric car. Better than Tesla cars

Peter Rawlinson - Britishthe engineer who is best known as the creator of the Tesla Model S electric car. In 2012, he left Elon Musk's company and subsequently became the head of Lucid Motors. In the first half of 2021, it will release a Lucid Air car and Peter Rawlinson claims that it is better than Tesla electric cars. They have created the world's fastest electric vehicle with the longest range, he said. The cost of the novelty is estimated at 169 thousand dollars, which at the current exchange rate is more than 12 million rubles. Only rich people can afford a Lucid Air car. However, in the future the company wants to gradually reduce the cost of its cars and in about 10 years they will be affordable for almost everyone. As part of this article, I propose to find out the features of the Lucid Air car, as well as learn more about Peter Rawlinson and his views on the electric car market.

Lucid Air Electric Car

Why is Lucid Air better than Tesla Model S?

Lucid Air features and plansPeter Rawlinson was told by Forbes. On a single charge, a car will be able to travel 832 kilometers - a record for an electric car. It is also claimed that the battery will charge faster, but how much is still unknown. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour will take 2 seconds. The body will be aluminum, and the design is quite premium. Watch the video.

Tesla Model S was introduced in 2012 and is still considered the most premium

Until none of these cars came out insale, so the words of Peter Rawlinson and Elon Musk will have to be blindly believed. But the fact that the expected Lucid Air at least until the end of the year may be more powerful than the existing modifications of the Tesla Model S is a fact.

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When will electric cars become cheaper?

Within 5 years, Peter Rawlinson wants to sell 100thousand electric vehicles worth 40 thousand dollars. At the current exchange rate, this is about 3 million rubles, which is not so much for cars with an electric engine. Basically, the engineer just wants to take an existing 1,080 horsepower powerplant inside less fancy cars. Ideally, Lucid Motors will start producing electric cars worth $ 25,000, that is, 1.8 million rubles. Tesla is pursuing the same goal, but so far it has not succeeded.

Lucid Air interior

Tesla wants to build as many cars as possible today. Due to the acceleration of assembly, some of the company's electric cars come out defective. I wrote more about this in this article.

It turns out that electric cars canfall in price already in 2026. The United States is already preparing for their massive appearance. President Joe Biden has already signed an executive order to gradually replace fossil-fueled government cars with electric ones. He also promised to build thousands of new charging stations for electric vehicles.

Apparently, more charging stations for electric vehicles will appear in the US soon

Large manufacturers are not idle eithercars. General Motors has already committed to producing only electric vehicles by 2035. Ford and Volkswagen also want to ditch gasoline and other fossil fuels. According to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, electric car sales worldwide could grow 50% in 2021. This growth will be most noticeable in the US state of California, where the headquarters of Lucid Motors and Tesla are located. That is, first, Californians will start driving massively on electric cars, and only then the rest of the world.

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It goes without saying that Lucid and Tesla are notthe only major manufacturers of electric vehicles. For example, in addition to them, there is the manufacturer of electric SUVs and pickups Rivian, which receives financial support from Amazon. The designer Henrik Fisker is also engaged in the creation of his electric car - the novelty expected in 2022 will be called the Fisker Ocean and will cost $ 37,499. Apple may also enter the automotive market. But what exactly she will release is not yet clear. Perhaps she is developing a full-fledged car. But there is also the possibility that we are talking about a technology platform that will be sold to third-party automakers. That is, in the future, there may be cars from conditional Ford or Volkswagen, based on Apple technologies. People will obviously buy it.

Perhaps, during one of Apple's presentations, we will see something like this. But at the moment the image is fake

Who is Peter Rawlinson?

Previously, engineer Peter Rawlinson was engaged inimprovement of racing cars Lotus Cars. In 2009, he went to work at Tesla - at that moment the company was just beginning to gain great popularity. It was thanks to him that the company's first successful car, the Tesla Model S, appeared on sale. In general, Peter Rawlinson speaks positively about working with Elon Musk. The disagreements only arose during the development of the Tesla Model X crossover, because Elon Musk insisted that the car doors open like wings. Peter Rawlinson believed that this decision would delay the development of the car. And so it happened.

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The engineer left Tesla in 2012 because heI had to look after my mother. A year later, he became the CTO of the startup Atieva, which was a supplier of batteries for electric vehicles. In 2016, it was renamed Lucid Motors. Around the same time, it became known about the development of the Lucid Air car. Some people don't believe in the success of an electric car, but at one time the Tesla Model S was treated the same way.