Form Swim Goggles: smart glasses for swimmers (9 photos + video)

Swimming is a sport where the athlete is prettyit is difficult to track your performance during the performance itself. Of course, thanks to the long workouts, they develop an internal timer that helps the swimmer to distribute power over the entire distance, but modern sports technology can make this task much easier. Today, special smart glasses for swimming, announced by Form, are called to solve it.

Points developed engineer Dan Eisenhardt atdirect participation of leading athletes and their mentors, participants of the Olympic Games. They are equipped with a transparent display of augmented reality Form Swim Goggles, which constantly informs the athlete about his performance in the swim process: indicates the distance, the time of the distance, the number and pace of strokes.

The design of the Form Swim Goggles glasses includes several components:
• augmented reality display integrated into the lenses of glasses;
• miniature on-board computer with a battery for 16 hours of work and artificial intelligence;
• premium accessories and fittings.

Complete with glasses comes built-in application that allows the athlete to analyze the data and track their movement to the best results.

The preliminary price for glasses is $ 200, deliveries are planned from August 7.

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