Foreign Internet users from Russia will be fined

Control over the information flow throughInternet continues to disturb Russian officials. Attempts to block Internet connection without state control continue. A draft law has been drafted in the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, which proposes penalties for Internet connection attempts to bypass Roskomnadzor’s blocking points.

The draft offers a fine of up to 20 thousand. rubles for officials, up to 200 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs and up to 1 million rubles for legal entities for trying to use satellite communication networks of foreign countries. Under sanctions, for violation of the February norms of connection, both ordinary users and telecom operators can fall.

According to the rules introduced, all satellite traffic for Russian users must pass through special ground stations, which mediate between the satellites and the user device.

The ground station should be based in Russia and this rule applies to all operators, not just mobile, as it was before.

In order to limit the spread ofRussia’s satellite Internet project OneWeb, which plans to create a system covering the entire Earth with high-speed Internet until 2027, in 2018 the State Duma considered a draft law on the mandatory licensing of all satellite communications terminals imported to Russia.

However, the State Radio Frequency Commissioneven before the approval of this law, it introduced a prohibiting standard for imported equipment. According to officials, the satellite Internet from OneWeb is a direct and obvious threat to the national security of Russia. Statesmen believe that claims that OneWeb will not be used for intelligence purposes are declarative and cannot be monitored by Russian authorities.