Forecast: unmanned vehicles will create chaos on the roads

Autonomous transport will change life drasticallypeople and will bring various benefits to any city - there is no doubt about it. Just imagine: a taxi always comes on time and costs many times less, accidents almost never happen on the roads, and the air is cleared of exhaust gases. A very positive picture emerges, but a study by the University of California at Santa Cruz gives an extremely unpleasant prediction - perhaps autonomous electric cars will cause chaos on the roads and will specifically create long traffic jams.

It is believed that the root of the problem will lurk inthe reluctance of taxi service owners to pay for parking. Instead of waiting for a new order for a paid parking lot, in order to save cars, they will be able to waste around the neighborhood. A large number of constantly moving autonomous taxis much more dense traffic, which will lead to the formation of long traffic jams.

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A possible situation was discussed in detail instudy "The problem of parking autonomous vehicles", conducted by the transport planner Adam Millard-Ball. In his work, he explained that it would be more profitable for owners of taxi services to pay 50 cents an hour of work for an electric vehicle than to pay several times more for staying a car in a paid parking lot.

Autonomous taxis will not only be able to avoid payfor parking wasted driving on roads in anticipation of customers, but also receive an incentive to look for and create traffic jams to minimize the costs of their owners.

Specific ideas to prevent the possiblechaos on the roads yet. The authorities may have to revise parking prices or use technology that tracks electric cars driving around in vain.

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