Ford will solve the "bed" problems of married couples (2 photos + video)

Everyone knows that Ford produces cars. However, the manufacturer seeks to introduce its own technologies and other everyday things. For example, a conveyor belt and a system that monitors objects were decided to use in bed. The technology will help couples not to disturb each other and sleep tight.

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In the proposed Ford bed embedded sensorsmovements that monitor the position of each of the sleeping. As soon as one of them tries to cross his half of the mattress, it will be determined by the system. Immediately turn on the tape, scrolling bed and returning "border violators" in place. The system will work automatically and smoothly, that is, so as not to disturb anyone.

Commercial product like a bed, ratherall, will not. Who wants to sleep on a conveyor belt? It is more likely to demonstrate the technology working in cars. So the tracking system allows you to determine the markings on the road and obstacles to change direction on the machine.