For the use of diplomats, they will start imprisoning them (2 photos)

Virginia law prohibits publishingor else in any form to distribute photos and videos of a naked man in order to discredit or intimidate him, has been in effect since 2014. Since then, the possibilities of Photoshop graphic editor and dipface-content have expanded. Morally unscrupulous people fabricated offensive materials on those whom they wanted to harm. At the same time, they successfully used the gap in the law, since these technologies were not mentioned in it at all.

But July 1 in the US state of Virginia adoptedan amendment to the law that officially prohibits the distribution of pornographic materials fabricated with the help of technology deepfake. The punishment for such an offense is 12 months in prison and up to $ 2500 in fines.

Discussions on this issue continue, inLast month in the United States Congress was submitted to the DEEPFAKES Accountability Act. It penalizes the issuance of fake content for real. Lawmakers are seriously concerned about the tendency for people to replace faces, body, facial expressions and voices.