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For the first time in history, surgeons transplanted two alien hands

As scary as it is to realize it, everyonethousands of accidents occur in the world every day. As a result of these incidents, people die, receive serious injuries and even lose limbs. Many accident victims are forced to live without arms or even legs, but sometimes medicine can help them regain lost body parts. According to statistics, at the moment there are about 100 people with donor limbs in the world. The transplant was possible because they lost only part of their arms, say, up to the forearm. But recently, French surgeons have made a breakthrough in the field of body transplants. They managed to sew two donor hands on to a person whose hands had been amputated up to the shoulders. The operation was successful and the patient is already dreaming of starting a new life, because after the disaster, things were going worse for him.

Felix Gretarsson after a successful operation

Full arm transplant

The amazing case was reported by TheGuardian. Felix Gretarsson, 48, was the first person to survive a full arm transplant. About 23 years ago, he had a very ordinary life, but an accident at work turned everything upside down. In January 1998, Felix was performing his duties as an electrician, when suddenly there was a power surge. An electric discharge with a capacity of 11 thousand volts burned his hands and he fell from a great height to the ground. The man received serious fractures and internal injuries and fell into a coma for 3 months. While he was lying, the surgeons had to amputate both of his arms.

Before the operation, Felix decided to start a new life

According to the surgeon Aram Gazarian,they still need to assess the mobility of the patient's new limbs. Perhaps Felix Gretarsson will not be able to fully control his new hands. But if he can actively flex his elbows and move his fingers, it will be considered a huge success. As mentioned, at the moment the patient is doing well:

I can't wait for the moment when I can start a new life. There are three years of rehabilitation ahead, but I am very happy and full of hope, - said Felix Gretarsson.

Body part transplant

It is important to remind once again that this is not the firsthand transplants in history. But this is the first time that hands have been transplanted when a person has lost them completely, almost to the shoulders. One of the owners of donor hands is the boy Zion Harvey, about whom we wrote about in this material. The operation was performed relatively long ago and it is already known that the patient leads an active life and almost does not limit himself in anything. According to doctors, a year after the transplant, the child could already hold a baseball bat in his hands. Then he learned to write, eat and wash himself in the bathroom. There were moments when his body tried to reject foreign body parts, but these problems were resolved.

Video about Zion Harvey and his new arms

Another owner of donor hands is ShreyaSiddanagowder. In 2016, when she was 18, she was in a car accident and also lost both arms. She received the hands of a 21-year-old black boy who died in an accident. The hands were sewn on for 13 hours, and 20 surgeons and 16 anesthesiologists participated in the process. The girl underwent supportive physical therapy for 1.5 years and eventually learned to control her new hands well.

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After a while, doctors noticed one thingan unusual phenomenon. Initially, the skin on the girl's new hands was dark, but over time it began to turn white. She also began to lose her gross, masculine form and became more feminine. The researchers suggested that this is due to the fact that the girl's body produces less melanin than the body of the deceased man. It so happened that the donor limbs began to "play by someone else's rules." You can find out how male hands look on a female body and how body parts are transplanted at this link.