For the first time, an artificial cornea returned vision to a completely blind person (video)

Israeli doctors conducted the world's first successfulsurgery to restore vision to a completely blind patient using a synthetic cornea. The development of the artificial cornea was carried out by the Israeli startup CorNeat. The patient, completely blind for 10 years, a man, within a few hours after the operation was able to see his relatives and read the ophthalmological table.

The main difference between the new technique and similaroperations is the use of completely artificial materials, without the use of electronic and mechanical devices. Complete fusion of the implanted artificial cornea with the patient's living tissues will take several weeks.

The cornea is a thin, transparentthe shell in front of the eyeball. Corneal damage occurs as a result of mechanical stress, disease and age-related degradation. In the fight against complete blindness, donor implants have previously been used. The methodology developed by CorNeat will help millions of people with synthetic materials without resorting to donor services.

The new technology is based on twobasic principle. First of all, the technique allows you to minimize surgical intervention, reducing risks. During the operation, only a few incisions are made and several stitches are applied. The second and main distinguishing feature of the new method is the use of a synthetic cornea made of biomimetic material (artificial nanomaterial), fibroblasts and collagen. As a result, almost complete fusion of the implant with the tissues of the eye is guaranteed with further "progressive tissue integration".

Complete fusion of the implant tissue takesfew weeks. However, the first patient regained vision in the first hours after removing the bandages. At the same time, a 78-year-old man saw his daughter for the first time in 10 years and was able to read. Currently, preparations are underway for the operation of the next 10 patients, and patients from all over the world lined up to receive an artificial cornea. For the elderly, the decisive factor in favor of the CorNeat technique is the time factor - the almost instantaneous recovery of vision after surgery.

Source: israelhayom