For the first time, a test air battle was carried out between artificial intelligence and a real pilot (video)

Modern fleeting air combat withthe use of advanced technologies requires new techniques in the training of flight personnel. Technologies created on the basis of artificial intelligence can provide invaluable assistance in the educational process. The American companies Red 6 and EpiSci have announced the world's first air combat pilot of a real aircraft with a virtual enemy controlled by artificial intelligence.

Wearing an augmented reality headset in the cockpit, veteran pilot Daniel Robinson (co-founder of Red 6), who previously flew F-22 fighters, conducted a dogfight with a projection of the Chinese J-20 fighter.

In aerial combat using augmentedIn reality, the experimental aircraft Freeflight Composites Berkut 560 and a simulated enemy jet in the form of a computer projection inside the ATARS (Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System) display mounted on Robinson's helmet, developed in Red 6. The American pilot was opposed by the Chinese stealth fighter J-20 created in augmented reality using Tactical AI technology developed by EpiSci.

The presented concept will reduce coststraining of pilots, as well as to ensure the solution of a number of tactical tasks associated with reducing the risk for pilots. According to the developers, the system will also provide preparation for the emergence of fully autonomous control systems for unmanned fighters in the future.

Source: thedrive