For the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm, LEGO has released the R2-D2 droid construction set (6 photos + video)

The Lucasfilm film company, which gave the world suchfamous epics like Star Wars and the Indiana Jones trilogy are getting closer to celebrating their 50th birthday. To celebrate its half-century anniversary, and in tribute to the Star Wars movie, LEGO has released a construction set for adults that allows you to assemble one of the most famous robots in the galaxy far, far away - the droid R2-D2.

This will be the second example of the LEGO build R2-D2. The first experience of creating a droid constructor was realized in 2012, when the company released a robot figurine consisting of 2,127 parts. It is noteworthy that it was in that year that Lucasfilm ceased to be independent and was sold to media giant Walt Disney.

The updated R2-D2 anniversary droid will consist ofof 2314 parts, as well as movable parts that provide head rotation, extension of the middle leg, the operation of opening and retractable hatches, a periscope capable not only of moving out of the "body" of the droid, but also rotating around its own axis. There is also a special compartment in the R2-D2 head section for the Jedi Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Dimensions of the LEGO droid R2-D2make up: 31x20x15cm. In addition, the LEGO adult construction set includes detailed building instructions, an information plate with information about the building object, and a cube with a miniature droid figure and the words “50 Lucasfilm”.

The 2021 R2-D2 LEGO Construction Set starts on May 1st for $ 199.99.

Source: LEGO