For Nintendo Switch released a strange VR-helmet (8 photos)

Nintendo Switch Console Owners Thanksthe new set from the company Nintendo will be able to independently design a virtual reality helmet. Original helmets may look like a cannon, a camera or some animals.

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The console Nintendo Switch providedcollapsible, unfastened gamepads "Joycons". This feature allows Nintendo to create Labo design kits. Labo kits for virtual helmets are supplied with cardboard patterns for constructing a helmet into which the Switch prefix is ​​inserted with two screens that are separate for each user's eyes.

Depending on the class of the game, the user mayassemble an individual virtual helmet of one of five modifications: a bird, an elephant, a camera gun or a standard type. For each helmet provides individual connection "Joykon" that provides comfort for the gamer when using a particular game.

Sale of new VR-kits of the Nintendo Labo series will begin April 12 (in Russia from April 19) at a price of $ 80. What kind of games will be suitable for new gaming accessories is unknown.