For IPhone, YubiKey 5Ci was created - the world's first security key (2 photos + video)

There is a need to find a more reliablean alternative than identification via SMS and push to ensure maximum security when using a smartphone. The device must generate one-time passwords and be compatible with popular password stores.

With this device, Yubico announced the YubiKey 5Ci token, which it is preparing for release.

The important thing is that for you as a consumer it is simplifiedalgorithm when using such a security key: you no longer need to remember passwords from banking applications. All that is required of you is simply connect the YubiKey to the phone and press the button on the case, which automatically identifies you in the service or gives you the opportunity to access the password manager.

Yubico and Google have developed the FIDO2 authentication standard, according to which the device works:
Out of the box, the device is compatible with 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, Idaptive, LastPass and Okta.

The Brave browser for iOS will command the key fob to quickly log in to Twitter, GitHub, the web version of 1Password and other services.
It is important to note that, despite having a USB-C port, the device does not work with the iPad Pro.

YubiKey 5Ci is made of durable and waterproof material, it can be worn on a common bundle without fear that it will break.
The key price has been determined - $ 70 (approximately 4,700 rubles), it is expected to be sold in the near future.