For insulting the authorities and fake news will have to answer (2 photos)

The Russian president has approved new laws,equating the insult of the authorities to petty hooliganism and introducing the responsibility of the media for publishing unverified data. Documents have already been signed and will take effect in a week. They have already been published on the official portal of legal information.

One law defined the administrativeResponsibility for contempt of the state, as well as the Constitution, state bodies and symbols. Violating it, you can get a fine in the amount of 30-100 thousand rubles. And breaking the fine again will amount to 100–250 thousand rubles, or an arrest for 15 days.

True, disrespect for authority is not defined by law.clearly. It was noted only that the offense would be considered “an expression in an indecent form”, insulting public morality and human dignity.

In the second case we are talking about the so-calledfake law. From now on, distributing unverified data on the Web will have to respond administratively. For such information you can get a fine in the amount of 30-100 thousand rubles. If the fake news was the cause of someone's death, caused a disturbance of public order or had other consequences, the penalty increases to 300-400 thousand rubles.

The law will primarily concern the media. A publication that has not removed fakes from its website will be blocked one day after receiving a warning. Pages with fakes in publications that work without the official status of the media will block without warning.

Many online publications can be completelyblocked After all, modern sites use encrypted HTTPS protocol. Roskomnadzor does not know how to block individual pages of similar sites. So if you block even one page, access to the site as a whole will be lost.