For each Russian offers to have a thorough digital dossier (3 photos)

The State Duma introduced a bill onconsideration in accordance with which they want to create a register of data of all physical persons of the country. To the individual personal files of Russian citizens will attach all their information: from the name to family ties. All this is synchronized with the tax service databases.

To create such a registry, specialiststake advantage of all government information resources: from extra-budgetary funds to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The information system will be composed according to the logic “1 person - 1 record”: with full name, gender, TIN, SNILS, place and date of birth, information on identity cards and the presence of PI, as well as on insurance, education, registration in the employment service, credit debt organizations and so on. In general, everything that is known about every citizen of the Russian Federation. Information will be available to local and federal authorities, as well as to election commissions, municipalities and other official structures.

As expected, such a single resource with dataIt will help to keep accurate records of the material situation of people, to monitor the implementation of their electoral rights and the performance of civil duties. He will also help tax service professionals calculate and charge personal income tax, as well as reduce the number of tax debtors and harboring.

The operator of this registry will be the taxdepartment. By the way, it is it that already monitors the unified registry office registry. The Foreign Intelligence Service and the FSB will contribute additional data that has not yet been recorded in the municipal and state information resources. But they want to launch a single information resource in test mode after 3 years.