For drones, they started selling flamethrowers (3 photos + video)

Lethal weapon flamethrower, invented overA hundred years ago, now found use in the peaceful industry. American farmers are actively using weapons to clean the fields of weeds, and also used in the elimination of huge wasp nests. Engineers were worried about increasing the efficiency and increasing the safety of using flamethrowers, which they decided to place on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Developers from the American company Throwflamecreated an ultra-lightweight, compact flamethrower that can be mounted on virtually any drone. Firing range fiery jet reaches 7.5 meters. The combustible mixture is placed in a canister with a volume of 3.78 liters and when fired from a nozzle, it is ignited by electric discharge. The full volume of the canister is sufficient for 1.5 minutes of emission of the flame. The video camera mounted on the drone is used as a sight. The mass of the flamethrower is only 1.8 kg. The manufacturer recommends the use of a drone model DJI S1000 with 8 Vinatmi, designed for transporting heavy loads. Flamethrower price $ 1499.