Food allergies can be cured by intestinal bacteria

Over the past ten years the number of peoplesuffering from food allergies, greatly increased. The exact cause of the increase in the incidence is unknown, but researchers from the Boston Children's Hospital recently proved the hypothesis that the development of allergy from an early age can be triggered by a violation of the human intestinal microbiome. Based on this knowledge, they developed a prebiotic cocktail that fills the intestines with missing bacteria - testing on mice showed amazing results.

Hypothesis about the relationship of impaired microfloraintestinal and food allergies have been proven during the study, which involved 56 children with food allergies and 98 healthy babies. Researchers monitored their microflora for 30 months and found that children with food allergies experienced a lack of a certain group of bacteria that, apparently, protect the body from allergic reactions.

New medicine for food allergies

The researchers did not disclose the names of the bacteria, butused them to create a probiotic cocktail and tested its effect on mice sensitive to egg allergens. As a result, they found that after the restoration of intestinal microflora, allergic reactions were suppressed in mice. This means that the medicine they have created can be used not only for the prevention of allergies, but also for its treatment.

The drug makers intend to test humans, they are particularly interested in patients with allergies to peanut butter, of all ages: both babies and adults. According to the senior author of the study Talal Chatila, allergy medication may appear on the market in the next five years. He and his colleagues have already founded ConsortiaTX, which will develop new microbial treatments for allergies.

Intestinal microflora really plays greatrole in human health. Recently, researchers from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge transplanted feces from young mice to old ones and noticed that the latter significantly strengthened their immunity. More information about this study can be found in our material.

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