Foldable "Z" -shaped smartphone from TCL (video)

Experiments of manufacturers and developerssmartphones to introduce flexible screens continue. Each company develops its own technical idea of ​​a bending display, however, the main task of such devices remains one - reducing the size of smartphones with a large screen diagonal.

TCL offered an original vision of a bending smartphone and developed a conceptual prototype of a device with two bending lines, implemented in a scheme similar to writing the letter "Z".

Proposed Zigzag Bending Patternprovides for the presence of various "loops" in places of bending. This is because one part of the display folds inward and the other unfolds outward. At the same time, the connection in which the screen element is expanded outward contains a larger number of elements, since this is a more complex device.

The developers presented two prototypes of the device. One was a simple imitation, demonstrating the principle by which the future smartphone will develop. In this case, instead of the smartphone itself, a piece of paper was offered. However, in the second case, the device itself, hidden in a transparent plastic case, was demonstrated. In this case, the screen remained off all the time of the demonstration.

Preliminary acquaintance was informationalcharacter, since the developers wanted to present only the basic principle of folding and maximizing the screen. Therefore, the technical data itself, in addition to information that in expanded form the display will receive a diagonal of 10 inches, was not disclosed.

Information on release plans, the date of presentation and the price of the “Z” -shaped smartphone from TCL has not been disclosed.

Source: cnet