Foldable Z-shaped smartphone from TCL (13 photos)

Smartphone experimentation withfolding screens continue. TCL has previously introduced the concept of a clamshell smartphone, has now demonstrated a new concept from its developers. The presented device has an original form - a factor not previously used in the development of folding smartphones.

TCL's new prototype is taking shape“Accordion” according to the principle of forming the Latin letter “Z”. Thus, the screen is divided into three areas and has two bend points in different directions. As a result, when folding the smartphone, a display with thin frames and a 10-inch screen will be obtained.

The unusual design of the smartphone allowsto develop numerous options for its use. The most obvious method is to use one part of the screen as a keyboard for entering data, and the other two as a display. This transformation allows you to use your smartphone as a miniature laptop.

Given the initial stage of smartphone development,being at the stage of prototyping, other technical data has not yet been disclosed. While information is available on the presence of the main camera on four sensors, the presence of a front camera and a USB Type-C connector. Information about the cost and timing of the start of sale presentation is not yet available.