Foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold showed inside (5 photos)

Samsung's first flexible folding smartphonesGalaxy Fold has already fallen into the hands of specialists to test their capabilities. The initial findings are disappointing, the screens began to fail in the first days of work. Curious researchers decided to check what is inside the device and disassembled the Galaxy Fold, making photos of all the components along the way.

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First of all, the expert said that the mainThe 7.3-inch screen can be removed quite easily, although the surface has received some damage. In the process of removing the display enthusiast talked about the sensations of the flexibility of the screen, which was dismantled like a "tearing off rubber." However, in fact, it is a standard AMOLED display without installed Corning Gorilla Glass safety glass, which in standard smartphones gives the screen the necessary rigidity and durability. In the Galaxy Fold model, the glass is replaced by a protective film, which the manufacturer strongly recommends not to remove in order to avoid gadget failure.

To dismantle the second external 4.The 6-inch screen, the researcher had to disassemble the smartphone almost completely. Inside the prepared Galaxy Fold there was a large hinge connecting the two parts of the device, the heat pipe, cameras, cables and other elements. The disassembled smartphone has two batteries, one for each half. Their total capacity is 4 380 mAh. At the same time, despite the different size of the batteries, their weight is perfectly balanced for convenient operation of the smartphone.