Foldable Galaxy Fold with flexible display lit up on video

Presentation commercials foldingSmartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen using only the most favorable angles. However, for users, an important issue is the possible appearance of a band along the line of bending of the screen during long-term operation. Insider video clearly shows how in life looks like a folding device in a flexible internal display.

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Galaxy Booklet Smart SalesFold start only in a month. However, a video of the process of unlocking a test model intended for the US mobile operator AT & T has got into the network. The band along which the screen is bent is visible at an acute angle to the surface. If you look at the screen at a right angle, the place of bending is hardly noticeable. Also, the bend line is better seen on a dark screen due to glare, with the active display color distortion is not noticed.

Samsung developers claim form factorfolding smartphone in the form of a book is the most optimal. The main competitor for the Galaxy Fold is the Huawei Mate X, which has a bending screen on the outside and is therefore more susceptible to mechanical damage.

Official sales of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will start on Friday, April 26th. The approximate price of the base model of the smartphone is 1980 dollars, with the purchase of a model supporting the 5G network, the price will increase.