Foldable Galaxy F may not meet user expectations (7 photos + video)

Samsung almost 10 years promises customers to releasefolding proprietary device. The first prototypes of folding displays from the Korean manufacturer were presented to the general public at CES 2011. And only this year the company decided to present the technology to everyone in the finished commercial product.

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Foldable novelty will show in conjunction with the Galaxy S10at the “Unpacked” event on February 20th. The flagship of the Galaxy F may not meet the expectations of users. This conclusion was made by experts from patents recently discovered by journalists. The fact is that according to the documents, Samsung Galaxy Fold is folded, but lacks a flexible display. Probably, something similar to Axon M from ZTE will turn out: a smartphone with a folding case and 2 displays. A flexible screen is likely to be introduced in 1 or 2 years. What we get now is only an intermediate stage on the way to a real gadget with a flexible display.

On a foldable form factor they want to make sure firstthat he is really capable of replacing current gadgets. According to Samsung, the new display can withstand hundreds of thousands of folds. However, as with any new development, this technology must first run in at least at the level of user scenarios.

However, some experts believe that Samsung is notdeceive expectations and will release the Galaxy F with a flexible internal display. At least, at the previous presentation, no one had any doubt that the company was demonstrating a clamshell device.