Flying taxi Begaero is preparing to serve the Russians

In conditions of overloaded transport communicationsmodern cities, air devices are becoming one of the promising modes of transport for operational movement. Currently, Yandex.Taxi is exploring the possibility of using helicopters for these purposes, and the Aviation and Space Technologies NPO is working on the Begaero air taxi concept, a prototype of which will be demonstrated at the MAKS-2019 exhibition.

The first real aerotaxis will be able to transport passengers already in 2025. According to the developers, bench tests are currently underway and the first test flights have been completed.

Technically an air taxi Begaero usesconcept of an unmanned device operating on the principle of a quadrocopter. In test tests, external traction screws are used, which in working taxis will be located inside the body.

At the first stage, the developers plan to releaseunmanned freight taxis are on sale, and then four-seater vehicles for passenger transportation will go on the line. Already in 2025, the company plans to capture up to 25% of the entire global market for unmanned urban transport. It is noteworthy that all electronics for Begaero are produced by Russian manufacturers. The project price is about 3.5 billion rubles.

The mass of a Begaero taxi will be 1,500 kg, and the maximum speed of about 420 km / h. The radius of the flight at full load with four passengers will be 400 km.