Flying car from the company Terrafugia will go on sale next year

About Terrafugia and its flying conceptThe car we first told back in 2013. Since the vehicle has changed its appearance several times, the company itself has gone under the wing of the Chinese giant Geely. Initially, the company promised to release its Terrafugia Transition in 2015. But did not grow together. Recently it became known that the serial version of the flying vehicle will go on sale next year. At least, that’s what the company’s official website says.

Terrafugia Transition ishybrid mixture of electric car and compact aircraft with folding wings, working on the basis of a more familiar internal combustion engine and rotor. Undoubtedly, the vehicle looks more like a compact aircraft than a car, but its creators state that the device passed all the necessary tests and received all the relevant safety certificates not only at the Federal Air Transport Agency, but also at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The serial version of the aircraft promisessome updates, compared to their previous prototypes. For example, the serial version will offer a higher flight speed, a full-fledged parachute system, improved avionics, as well as a more comfortable cabin / cockpit for the pilot and passenger.

In flight mode, cruising speed Transitionwill be about 160 km / h. The device will consume about 22 liters of fuel per hour, and its range without refueling will be about 644 kilometers. The maximum height threshold is 3000 meters.

About how much the Transition company will costnot yet reported. But the device is unlikely to be cheap. Again, frankly speaking, it is generally difficult to imagine that there will be a mass buyer for it. Like most modern “two-in-one” projects, this vehicle is unlikely to show wonders both in flight and in car mode. In our opinion, it would be wiser to choose some compact “Cessna” and “Mazda” Miata.