"Flying ass": the world's longest airship will not fly anymore

Hybrid Air Vehicles, the company that builtAirlander 10 (the world's longest aircraft, also known as the “flying ass” for its resemblance to the ass), stated that its current prototype will not be rearranged, but it will create a new generation of flying airships. HAV has already received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to create a new series of aircraft, scheduled for the beginning of the 2020s.

The largest airship or flying ship?

"This prototype served its purpose as the firstfull-size hybrid aircraft in the world, providing us with all the data we need to move from prototype to production standard. As a result, we do not plan to launch a prototype anymore, ”said company CEO Stephen McGlennan.

HAV describes the 92-meter Airlander 10 on itssite as combining "the best characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters lighter than air to create a new breed of hyperactive aircraft" Made of carbon, fiber, Kevlar and Mylar and remaining in the air on an inert helium, the ship was jointly developed by HAV and Northrop Grumann as part of the LEMV experimental program and was named HAV 304.

Later LEMV canceled the military, and the airship waspurchased by HAV, transferred back to one of its facilities in Cardington and converted into the Airlander 10, a civilian model. He reached a height of 2134 meters and picked up speed of 50 knots.

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In addition to its size and appearance, Airlander10 also known accidents in two of six test flights. In August 2016, the airship crashed after taking off from the RAF Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire. In November 2017, the ship was freed from mooring before breaking. One person received minor injuries.

HAV had to leave plans for usethe prototype Airlander 10 as a “demo model” after the last incident, although it received over $ 25 million in insurance claims for damages. Now HAV will be engaged in a production Airlander model, including “all the details that make up the difference between the prototype and the product”.

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