Flyboard inventor failed to conquer the English Channel (3 pics + video)

Frankie Zapata, the tireless inventor of the flyboard from Zapata, who recently demonstrated his invention at a military parade in Paris, could not fly over the English Channel.

Scheduled air expeditionenvisaged refueling the inventor's knapsack (it is a fuel tank for flyboard) in the air. However, the French authorities insisted on refueling on a floating platform, the area of ​​which did not exceed 1 one square meter. During the landing on the platform, due to the rising waves, Zapata missed and collapsed into the water. The tester was promptly saved and was not injured.

French inventor blames his failureauthorities who forced to abandon refueling in the air. In the near future, he will try again to fly over the 35-mile English Channel using his invention. Note that the maximum speed of movement with the aircraft can reach 150 km / h. At the same time in the air a person will fly no more than 10 minutes. This is due to the limited volume of the tank with jet fuel - 23.3 l. Himself backpack to flyboard weighs 37 kg.