Flooding in the Irkutsk region: causes and consequences

According to July 3, 2019, withflooding in the Irkutsk region killed 20 people, 15 are missing. Partially destroyed road infrastructure. In the area of ​​flooding hit dozens of settlements. The emergency mode operates in six districts: Tulunsky, Chunsky, Nizhneudinsky, Taishet, Zimin and Kuytun. Thousands of people were left homeless. More than 3,000 homes remain flooded. Nearly 2,600 people were evacuated from the flooded areas, hundreds sought medical assistance. More than a billion rubles of damage (exact figures are still being established). The water level rose to almost 14 meters. How did this happen?

Causes of flooding in the Irkutsk region

Scale floods. Satellite image of June 29

The reason for such a large-scale catastrophe was two factors: anomalous climatic conditions and the notorious “human factor”, or rather, an underestimation of the whole force of mother nature.

Floods in the Irkutsk region have already been. For example, in 2006. Then 267 houses suffered in the elements. That is why to prevent the consequences of similar natural disasters on the river Oia, a protective dam was built in the city of Tulun. Relatively recently, in 2008. A dam is a type of hydraulic structure (GTS) that is installed along rivers (as opposed to dams that are built across) and serves as a means of restraining water flows. The latter may increase due to heavy rainfall, which raise the water level, for example, in the same rivers. So the floods begin.

In essence, the dam is a mound. It can be earthen, stone, concrete.

An example of what a dam looks like.

The construction of the dam in Tulun was held onthe program “Protecting the population from floods and strengthening the coastline”, for which several tens of millions of rubles were allocated. Upon completion of the construction of a hydraulic structure, local authorities reported that the facility would be able to protect it from floods for 100 years. Somewhere we have already heard. Oh yes. I remember the case of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, when the engineering design flaws were also underestimated. Below are a couple of links about what came of it.

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Consequences of flooding in the Irkutsk region

In the case of the dam in Tulun, the forecast was wrongfor 90 years. I could not stand it. Dam burst. The reason is simple: the disparity between the GTS and modern climatic conditions. The problem is that in this case we can talk not only about the dam in the Irkutsk region, but also about dams all over Russia. They do not correspond to the modern features of the planet’s climate.

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"We have all the dams and dams built withold climate cycles that have changed due to global warming, ”said independent expert Alexander Kolotov from the Plotina-No public organization in an interview with the MK

So the consequences are:

Changing of the climate

For decades, scientists have been saying that the climate on the planet is changing dramatically. And in Russia too. But no one is listening.

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A large role in the scale of the disaster, according toRussian scientists also played unique atmospheric processes. In the western part of the region, three air streams collided at once - arctic, subtropical and humid air from the Pacific Ocean, which usually reaches these places extremely rarely.

The accumulation of heat and moisture, taking into account the heterogeneitythe relief of the region led to the development of cloudiness and then strong and prolonged precipitation. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can accumulate. The air rises and cools. Moisture condenses and turns into powerful cumulus clouds. The warmer the air, the more precipitation it can give, experts explain.

Can floods be predicted?

More or less in general terms similar naturalcataclysms can be predicted in a week, experts say. However, in the case of the Irkutsk region, where there was an unusual situation with atmospheric phenomena, it was possible to calculate the possible consequences on the strength of a day or two. According to media reports, the law enforcement agencies themselves have no questions about meteorologists themselves. The local hydrometeorological service reported in advance and daily about the likelihood of a storm situation and dangerous meteorological phenomena to the duty services of the local government and the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Situation now

According to the latest data, the water level in riversgoing down. The purification of fresh water intake facilities continues. As humanitarian aid in the region, 7 tons of food, bread and 4.5 tons of clean drinking water were distributed. Rescue teams, military personnel and volunteers from all over Russia are taking part in the cleanup.

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