Fliteboard unveils the second generation of electric hydrofoil surfers (3 photos + video)

For the first time, Fliteboard entered the marketdevices for active recreation on the water in 2018 when it introduced an innovative hydrofoil device. Easy to operate, safe and compact, Fliteboards have since become increasingly popular with extreme water enthusiasts. Sales of rather expensive electric surfers on hydrofoils in two years have long passed over a thousand units, which prompted the founders of the company to offer a second series of devices with more advanced technical characteristics.

Fliteboard Series 2 are already on display atthe manufacturer's website and their design took into account two years of operating experience, which made it possible to create more responsive devices in control, providing the ability to "fly over water" not only for professionals, but also for beginners.

In the new line of Fliteboard Series 2 devices, four models are presented, in which, along with technical innovations, the company used an original design, new colors in the design of boards.

In updated models of electric surfersspecial attention is paid to the protection of the battery, which supplies energy to the brushless electric motor, which allows speeds up to 20 km / h over water. The battery pack is now securely protected and housed inside a board made from durable carbon material. The battery is accessed through the cover, also made of carbon fiber.

The controls with the remote control haveLED screen, which displays information about the main parameters of "flight over water", battery level and other data. Communication is via Bluetooth.

The simplest Fliteboard Air model with inflatablethe system is designed for beginners and is characterized by high reliability and increased buoyancy. Best-selling model - the basic Fliteboard offers great maneuverability thanks to its small footprint.

For experienced surfers, the model is designedFliteboard Pro, featuring a taller stance for tighter turns over the water surface. And for extreme recreation, the most compact board of the second series is intended - the Fliteboard Ultra with a length of only 127 cm and special leg mounts that provide the ability to perform extreme maneuvers.

Manufacture and development of electric surfersFliteboard has been set up in Byron Bay, Australia, on the Pacific coast, where the devices are being tested. The most affordable is the Fliteboard Ultra, which starts at $ 12,995.

Source: fliteboard