Flipper Zero will teach the first lessons of hacking (2 photos)

Поклонники компьютерных технологий получили another compact toy Flipper Zero, similar in principle to the famous Tamagotchi. Fully open source and highly customizable, the device will help users familiarize themselves with the basics of ethical hacking, to which computer hero cyberdolphin Flipper Zero is fond of.

Compact device with an amateur dolphincarry out computer hacks, has a simple control with five direction buttons and an exit button. The monochrome LCD with a resolution of 128 × 64 pixels has a diagonal of 1.4 inches.

The gaming device has received manypreinstalled scripts and methods of computer attacks. The transceiver in the 433/868 MHz frequency range allows you to work with simple smart things systems, garage doors or barriers. The presence of an infrared port allows you to control household appliances with remote control (TVs, air conditioners and others). The NFC module provides communication with devices that support this technology.

The Flipper Zero comes with an opensource code and the ability to connect to other hardware devices, which greatly expands the capabilities of the players. The Bluetooth LE 5.0 module or microSD slot allows you to create and add your own plugins. The device also has GPIO and USB ports.

Development and maintenance in a good moodcyberdolphin Flipper Zero is carried out using the simplest computer hacks. The autonomy of the device is supported by a 2000 mA LiPo battery, which provides up to 7 days of operation without recharging.

Flipper Zero device even before the officialrelease has gained wide popularity among gadget lovers. The Flipper Zero project presented at the crowdfunding demanded a collection of 60 thousand dollars, but fans unexpectedly funded the toy with a 15 million fundraiser. The first devices will reach consumers in February 2021.

Source: flipperzero