Five-seater aerotaxi successfully passed flight test (5 photos + video)

Aircraft Lilium Jet using electricenergy can fly at a speed of 300 km / h, overcoming up to 300 km. At present, the first stage of the unmanned aerotaxi prototype testing has been completed. At the same time, during testing, the ability of Lilium Jet to perform a vertical take-off and landing was demonstrated. Prototype control was remote.

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Lilium Jet is designed for five passengers. The car is equipped with an ellipsoid-shaped cabin and two wings, which are equipped with 36 electric motors capable of changing the thrust direction from vertical to horizontal. To achieve a speed of 300 km per hour, engines can develop power up to 2000 horsepower. When testing, developers used 10% of engine power.

The prototype was developed in less than two years andwill be the basis for mass production. In Lilium Jet, unlike competitors, a pilot person will be present, which will facilitate obtaining a certificate for flights and increase passenger safety. The order of such a flying taxi will be made through an application on a smartphone, like the existing Uber application.

Already by 2025, Lilium startup will open a network of flying taxis in several US cities. The price of the trip is comparable to the price of a land taxi, but the trip time is much shorter.