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Five of the most fantastic military technologies of the future

Military technology of the future is alwaysinteresting, because they can change not only the army, but also civilian life, as has happened many times before. Yes, the basis of many great inventions and scientific and technological achievements is not at all the desire of some scientists and engineers to make this world a better place. Often they had initially purely military purposes. Cosmonautics, the Internet, satellite navigation, microwave ovens, and even anti-freeze for car windows - all this was given to us by the army. But perhaps the most interesting technologies are ahead of us. This, of course, is not about hypersonic missiles or kinetic weapons, but completely new developments that seem truly fantastic.

Some military technologies that seem fantastic may soon become a reality


  • 1 Quantum camouflage
  • 2 Synthetic organism
  • 3 Plasma force field
  • 4 Spy insects
  • 5 Artificial lightning

quantum camouflage

Remember the invisibility hats from fairy tales?Everyone dreamed of this as a kid. It seems that this magical accessory may soon become a reality. This, of course, is not about a hat, and even more so not magic, but quite specific laws of physics. As you know, when we look at an object, we see the light reflected from it. So by controlling the light rays, you can truly create miracles.

Quantum camouflage can make a person invisible

The principle of Quantum Stealth, that isThe "invisibility cloak" is the presence on its surface of special lenses that refract light rays. Moreover, passing through them, they continue to move not in a straight line, but slow down and scatter at different angles, thus creating dead spots through which light does not pass. If a person is in such a dead center, he becomes invisible. The development belongs to a Canadian company that produces camouflage clothing.

Synthetic organism

Office of Advanced Researchprojects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) is engaged in an interesting and truly fantastic Biodesign project. It is a symbiosis of engineering with chemical and biological technologies. With their help, scientists want to create synthetic organisms with immortality genes. They can die only if such a decision is made by the person who will manage them.

These beings are expected to be capable ofbreathe, and they will also be endowed with some biological qualities. What functions they will be able to perform is still unknown. Presumably they will be able to replace people on the battlefield. At first glance, it seems completely fantastic, but the US government spends millions of dollars on the Biodesign project.

Plasma Force Field

Boeing has patented a technology thatreceived the name “Method and system for shock-wave attenuation using an electromagnetic arc”. With the help of a sensor, a special system captures the fact of an explosion, after which it provides a plasma shield from the threat side using microwaves, electricity and a laser.

Plasma force field dampens the destructive power of projectiles

The resulting plasma field differs fromthe rest of the space density, composition and temperature. This allows you to extinguish the shock wave from the explosion of shells. Although, the technology is not yet able to fully protect against shrapnel and projectiles. But, in any case, their destructive power after a collision with a plasma "airbag", is greatly reduced.

spy insects

All kinds of drones, the size of an insect,have existed for a long time. However, all mechanical flying vehicles can be detected with the help of special equipment and disabled. Another thing is a real insect that can be controlled. It is on such a project that the above-mentioned DARPA is working.

This technology is called MEMS.It implies that the micromechanical system will be implanted in insects at the earliest stages of their development, for example, when the insect is still in the cocoon. When it develops into an adult, it can be controlled to gather intelligence or perform other combat missions. So combat flies and bugs may soon become a reality.

Man-made lightning can be a powerful weapon

Artificial lightning

According to the idea, at a given point it will be possibledirect the powerful generated electric charges. In terms of their destructive power, they will be comparable to natural lightning. The principle is based on the creation of a so-called corridor due to the difference in electrical potentials. That is, the electric discharge will pass through the corridor with less resistance than the environment has. A laser can be used to create such a channel.

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It must be said that according to someAccording to evidence, the famous scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla was able to generate and control artificial lightning at the very beginning of the last century. But it is difficult to say how true this is, since no supporting documents have been preserved. Finally, I note that we may not know about the most interesting military technologies due to the fact that they are kept in strict confidence.