Fitbit has updated the range of fitness bracelets and smart watches (15 photos)

The incredible success of the Fitbit Versa smartwatchinspired the company to release the cheaper model Fitbit Versa Lite. Also presented are new models of fitness bracelets that will replace the model lineup Alta and Ace.

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The appearance of the smart watch light version is not enoughwhat is different from the original. First of all, the Versa Lite changed the color of the case to purple and blue. The new model has only one button. A short press on it turns off the monitor, and a long one brings up a list of notifications. The clock is controlled by pressing the touch screen, the diagonal of which is identical to the original - 1.34 inches.

Among the main features of Fitbit Versa Lite: monitoring the user's physical activity, measuring his pulse and the ability to download third-party applications. Without recharging, the watch will be able to work 4 days. The price of the new model is 160 dollars, which is 20% cheaper than the Fitbit Versa. The savings were achieved due to the absence of a barometer, a counter of floors and strokes, however, it is not necessary to remove a new model in the pool. Also abolished the built-in coach, demonstrating the exercises on the screen. Versa Lite does not support the function of NFC payments and does not download music. For positioning, you must connect to the GPS of the smartphone.

Inspire fitness bracelets for a whiletested by employees of companies and insurance companies. Now they are on the market. Fitbit Inspire has full moisture protection and an updated design. Bracelets control all types of physical activity: running, swimming, walking or riding a bike. Present sleep monitoring function. Unlike the Alta fitness trackers, the Inspire bracelets are equipped with a touch screen. The display shows notifications, but does not fully support Cyrillic.

The older model Fitbit Inspire HR "can" measurepulse and monitors it during the day. Without recharging, the devices work up to 5 days. The price of Fitbit Inspire is $ 70, for Fitbit Inspire HR - $ 100.

Fitbit Ace 2 for kids has a bright strapwith high sides and the presence of original animated images. The model is equipped with the simplest functions: a pedometer, sleep monitoring, call notifications. Fitbit Ace 2 also reminds children to exercise. Designed for children over 6 years old, and the account is created by the parents of the child. Autonomous operation of the device is 5 days. The price is 70 dollars.