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First lung transplant due to vaping

In 2019, among fans of electronic cigarettesor the so-called “vapes,” a mysterious disease has spread. Young people who went to US hospitals complained of shortness of breath, chest pain, and nausea, and when examined, doctors found signs that looked like burns. At the moment, the cause of the disease is considered to be a sticky substance called vitamin E acetate contained in vaping fluids. There is no effective method for treating this mysterious disease, and the only option is transplanting healthy lungs from donors. Recently, the first transplant was performed at the Henry Ford Hospital in the US state of Michigan, which saved the life of a 17-year-old.

The first ever lung transplant due to vaping

According to The Washington Post, he wasHe was hospitalized on September 5, and a week later his condition worsened to such an extent that he had to be connected to a ventilator. A week later, he was transferred to the Michigan Children's Hospital and connected to the apparatus to maintain the functioning of the heart and other organs. When the teenager was close to death, the doctors decided to add him to the list of queues for receiving donor lungs, where, due to his deplorable state, the guy climbed to the top lines. Ultimately, donor lungs were finally obtained and on October 15th a 6-hour transplant operation was performed.

The consequences of smoking vape

According to the surgeon HasanNemeha, for his 20 years of practice, he did not see such a terrible condition of the lungs in humans. The patient's lungs were covered with scars and dead tissue, and because of their hardness, the surgeon and his assistants had difficulty removing them from the chest. This operation especially emphasized the danger of vaping, which is especially popular among high school students. Currently, more than 2,000 cases of the disease are known, about 40 of which were fatal.

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Representatives of the hospital in whichoperation, did not disclose the names of the patient and their parents. However, they conveyed the words of the teenager’s relatives, who described him as an athlete with fairly good health. His condition worsened sharply after going to the hospital with signs of pneumonia. Family members hope that the incident will well illuminate the danger of vaping and show what this hobby can lead to.

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At the moment, about one day has passed since the operationmonths and it is known that the teenager is recovering. He already walks and eats food on his own, preparing for a long rehabilitation. Unfortunately, he is unlikely to live with donor lungs for many years, because practice shows that life expectancy with other people's lungs averages about 7 years. However, there are cases when patients have lived for 20 years or more. The teenager's family hopes that thanks to technological advances, the teenager will live a long and happy life.

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Surgeon Hassan Nemeh, in turn, announced thatdeath from vaping is a preventable tragedy. According to him, this senseless occupation of modern adolescents needs to be fought. However, at the moment, scientists need to carefully study the effect of vitamin E acetate mentioned at the beginning of the article. At the moment, it is known that it is used in vaping liquids as a thickener and is retained for a long time in the lungs.